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Canes Rising… Swag… Dedication… Dedication to Swag = the U

Here’s a lil’ sneak peak into Miami Football spring training… we talkin about practice? Yup, turn ya headphones up, go full screen, git to know me….

Big win last night for those Miami boys. One more tonight and my dancing shoes come on…

Miami takes on FSU tonight … taken em +2.5 … lez dance boys



UGLY HANDS and Miami Hurricanes tryin’ to Dance

WHo’s got uglier fingers…. Tory Holt or Gerald Green???

What a tough decision to make. I know one decision that you won’t have to make… MIAMI -7 against G-tech tonight on ESPN U 9pm…. Lez dance


HADED Knock of the Day – N.E.P.H.E.W.

N.E.P.H.E.W-Party-Abstrakt.mp3 CLICK HERE

Here’s is the Have a Day Knock of the Day. A hot, up and coming artist N.E.P.H.E.W. dropped a new beat called “Party Abstrakt”… Def a lil two step party starter right there. No doubt to get people’s heads noddin’ like ohh okay… just added to the Bar Mitzvah Breakdancing Mix:

Havin one

PICK: Rutgers +2 against Villanova @ the Garden, 1st Round of the Big Crust/ I mean East Tournamelt …

Lock it

Dhadius chip of the Day

Sick Romanian Father trains 7 and 5 year olds to be Strongest in the World

Just when you thought Spike’s father in the little Giants was a sick bastard, this Romanian dude takes it to a much different level. No Pop-tarts in the morning and then running to catch the school bus like normal kids. These kids wake up at 5 am, grab some chalk and swing around poles in a dirty room as their father yells scary Romanian chicken recipes at them… #godblessamerica #godblessstevenovak #knicks=swag

Split the picks last night… going with the Fighting Illini -1.5 @ home against the Michigan Wolverines (7pm ESPN). It’s senior night, there is no A/C in that gym and the lighting is terrible… lock it in…put the mortgage on this one…and those old buttermilk cookies you found in the back seat of your car… #spikedontplaywithgirls


Mike Nukes is H.A.D.E.D.

So my boy Mike Nukes caught this lil chinchilla on the way to the Garden the other night. Not sure why Lin looked so confused tho. I mean, Jeremy Lin is the biggest story is sports… he shouldn’t be surprised anymore that everyone wants a picture with him. Anyways, the New-Look Knicks play the Cavs tonight at the Garden -9.5 … this game should be as easy as stealin’ underarmour from a Sports Authority. Go in the dressing room, take all the tags of those tight shirts that make you look jacked, shove ’em in your pants, and then wear them to your next flag football game lookin H.A.D.E.D. as a motha fuh … lookin like Lamar Miller at the combine (U-Swaggin).

In other news, Mike Nuke also introduced me to one of the most HADED men to ever grace the have a day scene: EdBassMaster


ALSO… Miami Hurricanes @ NC STATE tonight 9pm … looking to wrap up an AT LARGE… tuck the kids in, grab a Heini and sneak down to the basement for some late night action… Miami +4

Lock it


Who said the CANES couldn’t FLEX without REGGIE HOT POCKETS …

After starting the day with terrible news that Reggie “hot pockets” Johnson was declared ineligible by the NCAA for supposedly accepting “impermissible travel benefits,” the Canes put it on the backburner, and upset #15 FSU. Larranaga and the Canes are smellin some tourny shrimp cocktail with a side of mashpatatas right now. With NC State and BC left on the schedule, plus the ACC tunamelt, the Canes are looking to solidify their at large bid with some very win-able games. Don’t sleep on them Miami Boys …

In other news, can’t wait to see Novak discount double-check again … this all-star weekend was depressing…

Ehright have one

Hot hands

Gotta love H.A.D.E.D. NY chicks

Very clever… But what about this chick at the Giants Super Bowl Parade…