Who reps it better? Obama or Shalala… ?

I hope Donna Shalala reads this post, because I want her to know how smelly, crusty, sweaty, and troll-like she is — Straight dwarfa-beast. I have more beef with Shalala than Taco Rico on 99 cent taco Monday’s (shout out benny — breathing through his nose and shit). No joke, Shalala hides butterfingers in her belly button, … slides baby ruth’s right up there. So much lint in her belly button she’s a forrest fire hazard.

Any how, Obama came through the U last week, kicking off his re-election campaign, and he killed it. Throwing up the U like he invented swag. Reps it so hot it don’t even look like a U… looks something like a “W”. Almost like a subliminal message that he got hammered at the “W” on South Beach the night before. Boss.

So Obama’s killin it in this photo, but Shalala… Shalala is hurting the “U”s rep in this photo. Absolutely no swag. Fake smile… next to some Save The Whales chick… just doesn’t work in my book. #ObamaSwag

Happy Monday!

– Swiss @jadamix


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