Mike Nukes is H.A.D.E.D.

So my boy Mike Nukes caught this lil chinchilla on the way to the Garden the other night. Not sure why Lin looked so confused tho. I mean, Jeremy Lin is the biggest story is sports… he shouldn’t be surprised anymore that everyone wants a picture with him. Anyways, the New-Look Knicks play the Cavs tonight at the Garden -9.5 … this game should be as easy as stealin’ underarmour from a Sports Authority. Go in the dressing room, take all the tags of those tight shirts that make you look jacked, shove ’em in your pants, and then wear them to your next flag football game lookin H.A.D.E.D. as a motha fuh … lookin like Lamar Miller at the combine (U-Swaggin).

In other news, Mike Nuke also introduced me to one of the most HADED men to ever grace the have a day scene: EdBassMaster


ALSO… Miami Hurricanes @ NC STATE tonight 9pm … looking to wrap up an AT LARGE… tuck the kids in, grab a Heini and sneak down to the basement for some late night action… Miami +4

Lock it



One response to “Mike Nukes is H.A.D.E.D.

  1. Funny things about your post:

    1) I lucked out and landed tickets to this knick game…section 111 (postining at 8:20 left in the 3rd)
    2) 10 x more H.A.D.E.D. Than Miguel Blum on his best day
    3) my sister kills it for Under Armour which makes it crazy random u referenced UA in your wrap up
    4) “look at this” was the line I used to cop your girls digits over at greenhouse
    5) dicks has a selling agreement with UA…not sports authority

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