Why Brandon Jennings is the most Swagged out player in the NBA

Here at Have A Day Everyday, were not about highlighting the best players in the league. The H.A.D.E.D. community wants SWAG. There is no better player rep of some freshness in the NBA other than my boy Brandon Jennings. Talk about dripping swagu, not only is he one of the freshest and nastiest ballers in the NBA, but he is probably the best dancer too. This offseason he took it all to the courts… SWAGGER WARNING

Not only did he tear it up on the courts, but he also took it to some random baseball fields in Compton, CA for some Krumping with clowns… Best Dougie and Cat Daddy in the game… feel free to take ya shirt off and blow some whistles while watching this video, I did.

Ok put your shirt back on…

In other news: Ryan Braun (U-swag) has been vindicated … turn on ESPN; that’s how you handle a press conference boys and girls. I guess Braun went to business law class and A-rod didn’t … If only Manny spoke like that, maybe he would have had his charges revoked too. #canttouchtheswag, #stayinschool, #dontdodrugs, #pineapplesalsadips

Db aka Dswizzle


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