Just Another Cam Newton Swag Post

Hittin the club with Young Jeezy and Common, I guess you could say that’s got swag. Maybe not as much swag as a table on stage at Mansion in South Beach right next to a bachelorette party with 12 beautiful Asian girls, but it’s close.

Been a while since I put up a post, so thought I’d share with everyone a perfect example of how swag is driving everything around us today. Doesn’t matter if it’s a fresh suit, holding your follow through at the Garden and droppin’ the Discount Double Check (holla at my boy S. Novak), gettin your hair did by BAEEELLYYYY at Dominican spot at Tresser (oh what up DB)…you name it — swag runs shit in the media too.

Shout outs to Cam on his new Under Armour spot. Homeboy reinvented swag in 2011.

In case you were wondering what fantasy football championships are made of, your answer is in this 1 minute commercial.




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