H.A.D.E.D. is now the OFFICIAL unofficial Website of Jeremy Lin’s Swag

Happy Chinese New Year holy sh*t!!!! Kobe?? Gasol?? Bynum?? Novak??? Jefferies??? LIN!! I don’t even know what to say about this kid and what he did last night. It’s like we all woke up this morning having had the same dream. This is one of the biggest underdog stories I have ever heard of or witnessed. His basketball IQ is incredible, his handles are ridiculous, he’s droppin’ J’s all over the place, and on top of the amazing stats, he has made some crusty players look like studs (like Novak, Jefferies, Bill Walker). I can’t wrap my mind around this… he has had the greatest 4 starts to a career in NBA HISTORY… better than Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, and Bill Russel, who was close I think… the Knicks are back baby!

Check out this Lin vid of him @ Harvard:

IT’S HAVE A DAY SATURDAY! Stick a pencil in ya ear and look at some spreads!!!

-The Canes play @ FSU at 1 pm ESPN3 … looking for 6 straight Dubss
– Lin and the Knicks keep the dream goin @ the T-Wolves 8pm
– Great Slate of College ball on the docket:
1 Kentuck @ Vandy
UCONN @ 2 Cuse
12 Mich. St. @ 3 Ohio St.
6 Baylor @ 4 Missouri
20 Virginia @ 5 UNC

Miami +7
Mich. St. +8.5
Vandy +5.5

LOCK it … get H.A.D.E.D…. get yo weight up

DB aka young hadius aka swagtronic


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