AGAIN??? All I do is Lin Lin Lin no matta what….

I know 2 Lin festivals in a row, but c’mon already:

23 points, 10 assists Last night… 76 points, 25 assists, 11 rebounds, 5 steals and 3 Wins in 3 starts altogether… DAMMMNNNN what is this boy eating??? I mean, what are in these spring rolls?? This kid is actually Havin’ a Day, Every f’ckin day. The undrafted Lin put the Number 1 overall pick in 2010 John Wall on ice skates last night… crossing him up, breaking his ankles, and then throwing it down like a kamikaze samurai warrior with a crusty band-aid hanging from his chin. The knicknames (I know its nicknames) are getting good: “Crouching Tiger Hidden Point Guard,” “Jeremy Bal’Lin,” “Jeremy Win,” “Hot Duck Sauce,” “Rice Puff Daddy,” and “He’s putting the MSG back in MSG.” Trying to figure out which has the most swag…

This is not the first time J Lin has abused the cocky, dougie dancing John Wall… check out this 2010 Vegas Summer League footage where Lin absolutely embarrasses Wall in the 4th quarter with the crowd going nuts. I love how the announcer says that Lin will be playing somewhere “whether it’s Italy, Spain, France…” Almost being nice to a little asian kid they know will never make it but has shown enough talent so maybe he’ll play overseas… A year later, how about starting PG for the NY KNICKS, dropping double doubles like it ain’t no thang… #whatchyomouth

That’s it… Austin Rivers… stupid… Get H.A.D.E.D… stay swagged



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