What you didn’t know happened on Super Bowl Sunday….. Reggie was H.A.D.E.D.

Reggie “Hot Pockets” Johnson was flexin’ on Coach K and the Blue Devils on their home court, giving the Canes their first win @ Duke in their schools history.

This is one of the many chapters in Duke vs. Miami basketball history as we take a look back on the past couple of years:

The Elephant Boy aka Conch Boy aka H.A.D.E.D.’s very own Jadaswiss

Always H.A.D.E.D.

The last time Miami beat Duke was at home in 2008, which was the first time since the 60’s…

The Hurricanes are now 14-7 on the year, 5-3 in the ACC with two games left against #17 FSU and one more at home against #5 North Carolina among others… Look out for the CANES!!!

ALSO, as difficult as this is, Congrats to the Giants…

They showed a lot of heart yesterday, taking down the smelly, pale people from up north. Now that all the massholes are quiet and broke from losing all that money they bet on the super bowl, Duncan Donuts stock is sure to fall. Everyone get out now!! Sell your Duncan stock!! Also, there will be drop in roast beef prices…

Shout out to Victor Cruz…

You Can get H.A.D.E.D. on AS’s couch anytime you want…

Im out



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