Joe D is Havin’ a Day

Tonight’s a big night for Manhattan Jasper fans. The Jaspers take on Iona at Draddy Stadium (capacity of 400) in the Bronx, for a rematch of this MAAC rivalry. Last time they played @ Iona, the Jaspers overcame a 17 point deficit with 7 minutes to go, to beat the highly regarded Gales. Tonight’s gunna be a different story because Joe D (a Manhattan alum and # 1 fan) is H.A.D.E.D.– the Jasper’s are gunna win again, but keep it close the whole game. I think pops has like 20 G’s riding on this game. Reason I think so is because he burst out at my mom for not cookin his steak enough before — and it wasn’t turrets or somethin — he’s got cheese on this game.

Not much has changed about the Jaspers this year… pretty much the same team as last year, with the exception of a few decent freshmen. But their new coach, Steve Masiello, is like the Ms. Cleo of college basketball coaches — works wonders. This guy has made the Jaspers a legit contender in the MAAC. Tonight I expect a solid performance at home with Georgie Beamon droppin 20 +. Everyone’s ridin the Gales, because of their trio — Mo Mo, Glover, and Machado. Machado sounds like a Dominican ax killer or somethin… or a karate move. Actually I think my grandma makes Machado with arroz con pollo. Alright alright, I’ll give it to them, they got a solid squad, possibly an at-large bid… but tonight’s not their night. Manhattan covers 3.5.

– Jada


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