Super Bowl Friday = Swag Friday



In honor of Super Bowl Friday, thought I’d give a shout out to DB, the founder of, cuz I know this weekend’s matchup’s gotta be tough on him. Paying tribute to his alma mater by paying homage to some swag that can’t be denied out in Indy, and frankly can only come from the U.

Mr. Rolle brings the freshness all day, everyday which is THE most important trait we respect here at H.A.D.E.D. Decked out in Louie with the leather jacket and a V neck down to his waistline, it ain’t no thing for ‘Trel. Props to Nev Shapiro for instilling the swag in this dude when he was still a young buck.

Here he is again on the plane. Once again, bring the swag, bring the funk. Look good feel good play good.

Now on to the game. Safe to say we’ve all heard enough about it, so not really sure what I can add, and even if I do add anything, you’ve probably heard some variation of it before. Bottom line is, going to be a great game between two great teams. Giants have more freaks than the Pats do, Pats . Pats D is as soft as the down comforters in the back of the Bloomingdales in the Ralph Lauren section. Those shits are soft. Here are some of my thoughts over the past few weeks, some relevant, some aren’t:

  • Vegas isn’t ready for Sunday.
  • Gronk will play. He’s not human. Probably the bastard child of Wolverine and Tarzan. He won’t be a 100%. Who cares. Everyone needs to shut the fuck up about it already.
  • Tom Brady is good and has a hot wife. We know. Not news.
  • Eli is also good. Also has a hot wife. Just not as famous.
  • Teddy Bruschi — say something insightful. Just once. Please.
  • Wes Welker is fast as shit. Makes me feel like shit cuz he’s white and my size. Shoulda drank more milk. Oh well.
  • Trent Dilfer should have his own talk show. Dude is spot on all day everyday and is always HAVING A DAY.
  • The Pats first win over a team that ended the year with a winning record was the Ravens in the AFC Championship game. Look it up.
  • Pats can’t run the ball. Giants can sometimes but they shouldn’t.
  • Can someone please just make sure to cover Ochocinco on Sunday. I feel like Belichick signed him for the sole reason of hiding him all year, then using him in the Superbowl.
  • How old is Kevin Faulk? Is he serious?
  • I love Boston and their fans.
  • Deion Sanders: You embarrassed yourself on Media Day. Please find another job. I love you as a player and a personality. #HOP
  • Unlike 07, besides Brady (who admittedly has toned down his doucheyness) and Belichick (who will always be a prick) the Pats are not that unlikeable a group of guys.
  • There will be AT LEAST three 3rd and whatever plays and Gilbride WILL call a shotgun draw to DJ Ware.
  • Can someone also please tell me how the Pats plan to defend the Giants wideouts?
  • If the owner of Modell’s daughter makes a music video of this quality, I feel confident:
  • No headphones. No book. No NY Post. No cell phone. Just like Puddy on the flight back from Denmark with Elaine. Just staring.

That’s it for me. You know where my heads at. You know where my hearts at. Best weekend of the year. Stop the speculation, stop guessing what the score will be, stop guessing if Gronkowski will play, stop talking about revenge, or legacies or any of that. Save it for Monday. Holla if you here me, because………………

– As




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