Have a DAY everyday, Day of the Facial –> Greg Paulus??

Everyone saw Blake Griffin’s dunk of the year last night so I’m not going to post it. If you didn’t see it, turn on Espn for about 3 minutes and you will. What I am making this post about is the art of the facial. For those who think I am talking about a spa treatment or something else, you have the wrong website.

Four year Duke point guard Greg Paulus loved a good facial. He loved it so much, the ACC kids called for one of the greatest chants in college basketball history… “TEABAG PAULUS” … if you can’t figure it out, watch the tape baby…

Facial #1: Dwayne Collins (from the U…swaggg)

Facial #2: Danny Green (from UNC)

Famous Chant:

So there’s your lesson on facials for the day, I’m out…

DBleez aka Hot Hands Hadius


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