No Swag in Public Bathrooms

You know what pisses me off. When public bathrooms don’t have paper towels. I hate that. You finish washing your hands and you aint got no paper towels to dry off… so you gotta do the Ray J and air dry that shit… use those air drying machine things. Half the time they don’t even work that good, end up wiping your dripping wet paws all over your draws. No Swag in Public Bathrooms no more. Bein all environmentally sound and shit. Green. What is this world coming to? Are they gunna take away TP too. After I finish droppin a duece am I gunna have to use an Xcelerator to dry my butt off? Anyways, you know what else pisses me off… Pittsburg Basketball. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve had Pittsburg comin out in the tourney and they lose to Murray Head State or some shit. In 5 mins Pitt plays GTown. It’s a pick em, I like GTown. Lock. Holla.

– Jada


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