Coco’s back in New York, Golden State +8

Thasss right… Coco’s back in the N Y. For those who are unfamiliar with Coco, or Coco Bongo, he’s a spanish speaking, salsa dancing, hard ass Miami boi. Coco has so much swag that when he has a cut, he bleeds out swag gravy. Coco’s got so much swag sauce he could poop on a piece of dough, and you’d call it margarita pizza. Let’s put it this way… Coco gets what he wants…whenever he wants…the way he wants… how he wants… when he wants. Coco reps the “U” more than anyone I know, hence the photo. Yea, this particular photo was at Whip’n’Dip icecream parlor, and he had to pay $ 10 for a picture and autograph with James Jones, but I swear if you look closely at James Jones’, you can tell what he’s thinkin… “This kid is dripping in swag…”

Any how, me and Coco are hitting the Knicks game tonight at the Garden, but I don’t like the Knicks tonight because Amar’e and Shumpert are questionable. My lock is out West, Golden State at San Antonio. Ginobili’s out with a hand injury and Monta Ellis is coming off a weak scoring night against the Suns. Curry wants the ball more, and David Lee is flat out underrated. I like Golden State getting 8 points.

– Jadaswiss


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