This is why I have to go to Turkey/ Kazakhstan

Ever go to a Knicks game? Of course. All of the nicely dressed business men in their very impressive pea-coats file into the Garden seats after a 9 to 5 day of watching their mutual funds grow on 5 computer screens. These “fans” settle down in their seats, maybe with a $30 Shirley Temple and they try to impress the busted jewish chick they brought to the game… Don’t you hate turning around and realizing you’re the only fan standing…. I’m moving to TURKEY….

Ever go to a Besiktas Milangaz game (Turkish Basketball League)? NOPE… After a 12 hour day of collecting dirty pebbles in the fields, picking oily instruments in the factories, it’s straight to the Besiktas Milangaz game. Thousands of shirtless, deodorant-less men drop their shovels and rakes… Pea-coats?? NOPE…. NO shirts.. just the crusty oil stained khakis I’ve been wearing for the past 2 weeks and no shoes… Shirley Temples?? Hell no! Been drinking homemade whiskey out of a dirty milk carton since 8 am… everyone is fired up. everyone is losing their minds. These are real fans… I’m moving to Turkey…

Ps. that is the greatest fan of all time… and you know every other crazy euro in the stands wants to climb the hoop just as badly… that’s a sports fans paradise yall… I’m out, I gotta study

Dbleez dips


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