Excel Nine for 20 bucks

Alright so my ‘lock of the day’ is a little unconventional. I figured my first lock pick shouldn’t be a NCAA, NBA, or NFL post. I wanna start my record off right, with the sport I know best… Harness racing at Yonkers Raceway. Thas right… a genuine American sport. Over my years spending week nights at Yonkers Raceway with my pops, I’ve spent too much time chatting with drooling crackheads, methane addicted trainers, and chronic gamblers. So I consider myself a harness racing guru. I was checking Tuesday nights entries this morning and I really like this one horse… Excel Nine. This horse is a 3 year old pacer in the 4 hole @ 6 -1 odds. His trainer Ma Drolet is a straight up beast … lotta swag. I saw this guy shooting up this horse with vitamins and ritalin before a race last week and he blew second place away by 12 horse lengths. This horse straight up didn’t stop running after 2 laps…. he had more energy then me and my friends did after snorting pixie sticks on the seesaw in 3rd grade. Better yet, you gotta see the package on Excel Nine. When this other 3 year old philly (female horse) named Mayflower walks past him in the stable, Excel Nine becomes the Lexis Steel of horses… they should call him Excel thirty-six. Shit rolls out like a fruit roll up. Any how, take Excel Nine for $ 20 @ 6 -1 odds… it’s a sure $ 100 profit. See below for Tuesday Night entries…

– Swiss



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